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ELearning Heroes Challenge - Tennis Time!

This week's e-learning challenge challenged us to build a tennis tutorial in Storyline. This example applies game thinking when teaching the mechanics of serving a tennis ball.

1-minute Demo:


Interleaving Principle:

Using the interleaving principle, the learning nugget: what area of the court to serve a ball into is applied throughout in a game scenario. The learning nugget is first applied when moving through the learning steps and later used to show if an knowledge test selection is correct.


Multiple Intelligence Theory:

Using the multiple intelligence theory, the learner is given a choice to view the stick man or a picture of a player standing in the same body position. The switching is made easy allowing the learner to hover over the camera icon to show or not show the player picture. The learner steps through instructions. The stick man matches the words with the corresponding motions.

To add more to this example: The learner could listen to the steps given. According to the multiple intelligence theory, giving the learners choices engages them more and sets of more meta-cognition. One thing to remember is not to increase cognitive load. We are not showing more content. We are showing multiple ways to learn the content.

The learners seeking out this instruction are inspired by gaming. Bringing game thinking elements into this project really made a lot of sense.

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