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Game-Based Learning - Reverse Connect 4 Game

This week's #elhchallenge asked us to redesign a connect 4 game with an elearning flare. After re-engineering the sample connect 4 game, I learned:

1. You can manage variables with slide layers

2. Counted the connect 4 totals with pattern matching techniques inside slide layers.

Design Goal: Make the learning experience enjoyable and highlight the lessons. Making the goal of the game to find the black chips and trigger the lessons makes that positive connection to the lesson in the game. I did not want the game player to think oh no here is a lesson. I want them to say, "Yes, I found a black chip. Bring on the lesson."

What is Next: This is only my first iteration. I want to build out the lesson design and work on transitions between scenes instead of just slides so I can interchange a library of templates.

1. Reflection/Note taking for knowledge check:

I look forward to building the lessons to include note taking that will be incorporated into the knowledge checks.

2. Ambient Sounds: I want to add chip dropping sounds and other ambient sounds to give the experience a more engaging feel.

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