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Elearning Step Graphics - Using the "Show Me" Technique

As part of a project to create an eLearning template using a game to present eLearning or remote team communication, I joined this week's Articulate Heroes challenge to design a stepper activity. The "How To Play" screens turn the step graphics into an "Show Me" video format.


Context: I am building an Adult eLearning Template using game thinking. The game requires some understanding. This way of showing steps provides quick method for presenting the steps.


1. Provide a quick instruction of how to play the game (under 30 seconds)

2. Show different steps in succession.


Step1: Choose to click on the different lessons or click start to play the game.

Step 2: The game goes through the cards. Learner is shown to click the Choose button to stop the chooser.

Step 3: The learner is showed if a dragon appears, the learner looses coins. If a dragon does no appear, a short lesson appears for the learner to earn coins upon completion.

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