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Healthcare Education: Micro-learning, Pull Learning Method, Ambient Sounds

This week's #ELHChallenge (Elearning Heros Challenge) really took me out of my comfort zone building ambient sounds into an elearning design. In the end it was a lot of fun especially building another fun learning experience for healthcare education using a microlearning format and the pull learning method.

Goal: Explain the differences between the 3 main body planes used in anatomy dissection and cross section radiology.


Ambient Sounds - Background noises unique to a situation.

For this project, I was grateful for Jonathon Hill's blog post on ambient sounds. Link to Post This took me out of my comfort zone. I am most skilled at the functional aspects of an experience than the aesthetics. My sounds came from the contributors of . Matching the sounds with the motions such as the splitting of the body figures was a lot of fun. Adding sound to the movement of the cards into the boxes really added to the experience and made it more realistic. I was really careful to not take away from the learning experience if someone had issues with hearing the sounds.


The Pull Learning Method: provide the information needed when the learner needs it to complete a task.

The pull learning method is in contrast to the push learning method. In the case of an adult learner the adult learner may already know enough to complete the activity. However, the learner can click on the camera icons and get a pictorial dramatization of the topic. It is all about choice and timing of choices!


Micro Learning Format - Give big picture and key points format.

When learning the body planes you can split it into different nuggets. Each of the different planes is a nugget. The main benefit comes from not needing to read how a body is split when you can see it. In this example, a learner can see each definition and reflect while comparing and contrasting the choices. Pulling more information to make a choice is also available.

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