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Meet The Instruction Team - Meet Bot Helpers

This week is surreal for me. I prepare to start my new role as an instruction team member at Western Governor's University and the #elhchallenge is to develop a "meet the team" experience. That is just what this is, an experience. As emerging technologies blend with new age education, the instruction team is also blended with the elearning instruction.

The Instruction Team:

The team breaks the traditional faculty role into a subject matter expert, an evaluator and a program mentor. Everyone, including the learner, are all remote team members who are located in different places across the United States. Western Governor's University began in 1990 as a project lead by 11 state governors to provide online education that works for the adult learner. Fast forward to today, the competency based education model is seamlessly administered because of building on the idea, not an old world model still existing in universities across the United States today.

The Innovation:

Many studies show instructor social precious engages and motivates learners to do more with their learning options. This experience stems from the idea that knowledge leaders in organizations such as instruction teams will host an avatar or bot programmed to respond much as you would much like your voice mail or auto respondents, except it will be personified.

For instance, the learner seeks answers to question by accessing an instruction team bot doubling as the actual instruction team member's doppleganger. The instruction team bot utilizes machine learning and or a decision tree style knowledge database to answer questions or introduce new material to learners. If the questioning becomes too intricate for the bot, the bot can suggest making an appointment with the actual team member and setup the appointment. Compared to other industries meeting similar customer service needs, banks are already starting to implement these bot helpers.

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