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Race with Friends - Online Introductions

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

"Build a relationship, then do business" .. this is always a key factor for building any partnership. How do we do this online? How do we facilitate connections? People connect through commonalities. When people have diverse backgrounds this can be difficult. My passion is making learning activities for remote teams that are mature, fun, and motivational.

I built this activity to satisfy two goals:

1. Have global team members learn about each other.

2. Have global team members assume their team roles and work together using the in a low risk, fun environment.

Context: Learners come together in an instant communication session. The learners have been asked to fill out a short survey about their location and accomplishments and to make a short 2 minute video showing their work site. A fact sheet is drawn up and shared for review. The team then shares a web conferencing session and works through the activity together.

Intro slide:

4 team mates meet and explain the purpose and rules of the game.

Challenge result slide:

A classmate is highlighted for location and accomplishment. Team earns points for swiftness and accuracy. Team sets off to visit the site location of the highlighted classmate.

Take a Site Tour Slide:

Team learns about the site the highlighted classmate practices medicine.

Interactive Map Slide:

This is like home base. The activity always comes back to this slide to maintain the travel path.

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