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Project | 01
Project | 01 Online Team Building

Objectives: Worked with SMEs to apply the scenario-based education model to have teams form and complete an industry based project as a virtual team.

Solution 1: Form Teams - Use a Team Manager Tool

Solution2: Designed an ice breaker for team bonding and learning how to collaborate online with a low-risk activity.

Solution 3: Educate and Communicate: Stepped learners through the process with an inquiry-based model using timed prompts and zoom sessions with instructors.

Project | 02
Project | 02 Rubric Story Boarding

Need:  SME did not feel comfortable building rubrics.

Solution 1: Educate with rubric storyboarding approach.

Solution 2: Provide rubric templaes library (Project Based, Discussion Board, etc

Project | 03
dragon fire game.JPG
Project | 03 Train the Trainer Challenge

Issue:  Trainers were not attending workshops and did not see value in some training.

Solution 1: Create a weekly challenge to play on mobile devices much like the Whammy game. Trainers play and learn and compete against their team members to see who gets the least amount of Gremlins.

Bonus:  Replay training in quick spirts periodically throughout the term.

Bonus: Great for team building and celebration content in team meetings.  Points earned by chance.  No shaming for wrong answers.  Could add more points with team meeting games. 

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