Meet The Instruction Team - Meet Bot Helpers

This week is surreal for me. I prepare to start my new role as an instruction team member at Western Governor's University and the #elhchallenge is to develop a "meet the team" experience. That is just what this is, an experience. As emerging technologies blend with new age education, the instruction team is also blended with the elearning instruction. The Instruction Team: The team breaks the traditional faculty role into a subject matter expert, an evaluator and a progr

Game-Based Learning - Reverse Connect 4 Game

This week's #elhchallenge asked us to redesign a connect 4 game with an elearning flare. After re-engineering the sample connect 4 game, I learned: 1. You can manage variables with slide layers 2. Counted the connect 4 totals with pattern matching techniques inside slide layers. Design Goal: Make the learning experience enjoyable and highlight the lessons. Making the goal of the game to find the black chips and trigger the lessons makes that positive connection to the less

Healthcare Education: Micro-learning, Pull Learning Method, Ambient Sounds

This week's #ELHChallenge (Elearning Heros Challenge) really took me out of my comfort zone building ambient sounds into an elearning design. In the end it was a lot of fun especially building another fun learning experience for healthcare education using a microlearning format and the pull learning method. Goal: Explain the differences between the 3 main body planes used in anatomy dissection and cross section radiology. Demo: See in action with sound here Ambient Sounds

Healthcare Education: Micro-learning with Crosswords

My entry for another weekly #ELHChallenge is a crossword puzzle designed to use microlearning for learners to gain learning context with stethoscope usage. The stethoscope is an integral part of patient diagnoses because the internal organs give off sounds that indicate abnormalities. For this project, I used this website to serve as my subject matter expert (SME): . Video Demo: Why I Chose Micro-learning: Micro